Community Circles

Community Circles


Building Bridges Community Circles Month

On ordinary days, we work, eat, sleep, play and spend time with our friends and neighbors through our various social interests, such as sports, recreation, arts, entertainment and worship. Within these groups, we don't always notice when we are building relationships of trust and crossing the divide of age, race, and other potential barriers. But, if an accident, natural disaster, or tragedy of any kind occurs, we find ourselves responding to the situation in the spur of the moment. And if we already have developed trust and collaborated with others in a non-stressful situation, it will be far easier to work together on something critical during a crises.

When we observe the world around us, we see what happens when there is no trust between people with differing faiths, viewpoints and cultures. So what can we do in our own communities to strengthen ourselves? In addition to our public service contributions, we can use the opportunities afforded to us by the social groups whose interests we share. We can associate with others in ways that build trust and cooperation. We can use our ordinary days to recognize the little things that bind us together. We can give our appreciation and encouragement to the social groups that provide us opportunities to build good relationships with others.

The first Community Circles Month, October 2007

During Community Circles Month, October 2007, we recognized the social groups in our community that build trust and cooperation year round in their circles of influence in the areas of arts, entertainment, sports, recreation and worship. This gives the individuals of our community an opportunity to find out about the social groups in their own neighborhoods that they may not have been aware of. People of Contra Costa County and Oakland found new events to participate in that stimulated the development of relationships with others who share common interests. See or Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

About Building Bridges

Since 1996, Building Bridges has working with Mayors and with the United States Postal Service, recognizing outstanding contributions to the community by local non-profits. Building Bridges is the promoter for Community Circles Month.

Night Scribe by David Thomas Roberts

"Night Scribe" by David Thomas Roberts